NACE Inspection Courses and Certification Programs

NACE Inspection Courses and Certification Programs

The NACE Coating Inspector Program is a third Alabama qualified nace crew party program that ensures the integrity of protective coatings on town water towers. NACE inspections are conducted by third parties to determine if the integrity of a water tower is within acceptable limits and if repairs are necessary. Upon completion of a NACE inspection, the city water manager receives a detailed report.

Many jobs for NACE inspectors are available in the field, but to stand out in the crowd, you must present a well-organized resume. With the wide availability of online training courses and global certification programs, it’s easier than ever to get your credentials and experience across to prospective employers. If you’re unsure how to organize your resume, consider hiring a professional resume writer. These experts will focus on the most important elements of your experience and credentials.

NACE courses are available online or in traditional classrooms. The normal NACE Inspection program lasts 60 hours. There are also specialty courses for those who need specialized training. The coating inspection course covers 60 hours of classroom time, while the specialty course focuses on specific areas of coating inspection. You can choose from a basic or specialized course according to the needs of your company or location.

The NACE Coating Inspector Program (CIP) has three levels of certification and specialties for the bridge, marine, and nuclear industries. The first level of certification is in non-destructive coating inspection of liquid coatings, and the second level builds on the first by covering all liquid coating applications on any substrate. Level 3 inspectors are skilled at the testing and documenting of liquid coatings on a variety of substrates in a shop setting. They often supervise the work of lower level inspectors.

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