Franco-German business relations stakes and challenges

Germany and its 80 million consumers is the most important market in Europe. It is a launching pad in order to tap the East European markets.

The French and German markets are the two most important ones within the European Union and play a predominant role in its development. Although the French and German markets present great similarities, we notice significant differences of behavior as far as consumers and industrial firms are concerned.

The Agathé Tyché team contributes to increase your success across the Rhine. As core of the EU, the German market has a significant trade potential for your company.

The purpose of our intervention

The objective of our firm consists in helping our clientele, through our knowledge of the French and German firms and markets to become the privileged spokesman of every foreign business wishing to establish itself or develop its activity in these countries.

As part of our partners research missions, we help you develop your firm throughout synergy, congruence and complementarity definition.

Our expertise at your service

Aware of the differences of mentalities, of working methods and of way of management specific to each of the two countries, we specialize in the French and German consulting.

Based on over 20 years of experience, our firm has specialized in the following areas of expertise :

  • Search of bi-lingual and bi-cultural personnel

  • Search of partnerships and coopérations

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Intercultural training

We bring you commercial assistance during the introduction of your products in Germany or in France and/or in the improvement of your sales distribution network.

We offer you to find your German/French commercial partner as part of a cooperation, of a merger/business acquisition and to recruit motivated personnel, with technical, linguistic and bicultural competences.

AGATHÉ TYCHÉ, as the first french-german consulting firm has an extensive data-base of German companies.

It contains more than 1,200,000 main firms and indicates their share capital, turnover, main managing directors, shareholders, subsidiaries, staff number.