Our history

In 1990, Günther E. WEISS, of German descent – Doctor in Business Administration – creates AGATHÉ TYCHÉ, consulting firm, in order to share his expertise in Franco-German organizational structures and his knowledge of different ways of thinking and reasoning.

He thus offers his business management technical skills combined with a sociocultural approach of organizations. For over twenty years, G.E. WEISS ran several German companies French subsidiaries, there acquiring valuable expertise regarding the synergies between German parent companies and their French subsidiaries.

During his career, he coped with different types of issues: commercial, financial, HR and administrative in a Franco-German context. This allows him today to recommend solutions to our clients.

He has specialized in strength and weakness analysis and in turning around strategies. A qualified team assists him, contributing to the establishment of French companies in Germany and attending to their development

Since 2008, the « Agathé Tyché Training » section offers intercultural management training solutions.

Today, thanks to its presence in France and Germany, Agathé Tyché is located nearby its clients, implying a matchless and rapid ability to adapt both to the French and German markets.