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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy concerns the data collected on the platforms and websites of Agathé Tyché, a recruitment and consulting specialist in the French-German market. As part of our business, we collect, process and store data about you. Our Privacy Policy ensures that the data collected is used in compliance with applicable regulations to provide you with the best possible service while protecting your privacy.
We ask you to read this Privacy Policy regularly to be always aware of any updates. We strive to keep you informed about any changes to the Privacy Policy and to allow you to opt out of them if necessary (see the list of your rights below). By visiting our websites and connecting to your space, you agree to the same conditions then in effect.
By accepting this Privacy Policy, you are deemed to be of age in your country of residence.
Please note that this Policy applies only to data collected by Agathé Tyché, and to no other website than those mentioned below.



I.   Terminology
II. Type of information collected and used
III. Reasons for using this data
IV. Mandatory and optional information
V. Automation of data processing and human intervention
VI. Data retention period
VII. Transfer of your data internationally
VIII. Your rights on the data collected
IX. Security of data processing and storage
X. Notification of changes to this Policy


I. Terminology

In this text, you will be referred to as “you”, “the candidate” or “the client”.
The terms “we” and “the Cabinet” refer to Agathé Tyché, located at 12 rue de la Chaise 75007 Paris.
«Our activities», «our offer», «our services» refers to the services offered by Agathé Tyché, namely: recruitment and selection, recruitment consultancy, publication and translation of job offers, career reorientation, career plan , education and training, strategy and organization consulting, merger and acquisition consulting.
In the exercise of our business, we use various information systems, including our “website” and our “platform” [insert URL of the platform], collectively referred to as “our online spaces”. “. The website and the platform give you information about our activities and services and allow you to submit, consult and apply for job offers.
This policy concerns personal information, that is to say, the information you provide and the opinions you express on the website or on the platform, as well as during exchanges with members of the company Agathé Tyché . This information will be called “personal information” or “personal data”.


II. Type of information collected and used

The Cabinet collects and uses the following information in particular (non-exhaustive list):
• Your name, date of birth, title, contact information and place of residence;
• Your qualifications, current position, past and desired experiences and any personal information about the CV (s) you submit to us;
• In the case of account creation and connection through your Facebook profile, LinkedIn or any other social network, profile data;
• Any information transmitted during exchanges with our members by phone, mail, email, fax, or any other messaging;
• The returns made about you by the candidates, recruiters and potential buyers with whom you would have traded;
• We may also collect information related to your visits to our Website / Portal including (but not limited to) your IP address, browser, time stamp, location, country, traffic data, location data, weblogs and other communication data and resources you access. The collection of this information will facilitate your next visits to our website / Portal. For example, we may offer job offers managed by the local subsidiaries of the location from which you contacted us;
• We may also collect information for marketing and analytics purposes, including information about how you respond to emails, SMS, phone calls, and other marketing campaigns;
• Information is also collected anonymously, such as your profession, location, training and experience.
Regarding candidates, please note that reference checks can be carried out if necessary. These checks will be carried out according to the legislation in force and will only be able to relate to the personal information which you will have communicated and which are of direct interest for the intended employment or the skills to be evaluated.


III. Reasons for using this data

Agathé Tyché collects and processes your personal information for the following purposes:
1. To ensure the smooth running of the services provided to you, that is to say:
a) For candidates
• Measure and evaluate your skills
• Offer you suitable job offers
• Facilitate your application process and accompany you in your career plan
To do this, the CVs that you send us will be available to the platform’s recruiters and we will also be able to send them to the client companies that are looking for staff.
b) For recruiters:
• Register your job offers in accordance with the legislation in force in the country concerned (France or Germany)
• Offer you candidates matching your search
• Put you in touch with successful candidates
• Advise you on your candidate search
c) For companies using our consulting services:
• Offer you tailored and personalized solutions
• Allow potential buyers to make an informed decision
2. To contact you for direct marketing purposes, by email, SMS, telephone, or other means of communication that you have provided.
3. For the development and improvement of our computer system and our offer.
4. For statistical reasons, for example, to portray our clientele.
5. We will also process your information for:
a) Promote the safety and protection of people, facilities, systems and resources;
b) Investigate or manage incidents and complaints;
c) Respect the obligations and rights, cooperate in investigations conducted by the authorities.
The personal data you provide on our online spaces integrate the database Agathé Tyché and are likely to integrate those of employer customers. The use made by these then falls under the privacy policy of the company they represent, Agathé Tyché disclaims any liability for the use of your personal information by these third parties.
We use your name, e-mail address and other information about our system to recommend relevant job opportunities for you while you are on Talent Network. We also use your information to send you reminder and work correspondence emails, to notify you of new product releases and to solicit your comments and suggestions. These emails contain links for preference management and, where applicable, unsubscribe links, if you decide that you no longer want to receive emails.

IV. Mandatory and optional information

By refusing to provide the requested information, you acknowledge that the services offered will be reduced or less effective than expected. The information to be transmitted imperatively, in particular for the client companies, falls under the legal obligations in the case of a publication of job offer for example.

V. Automation of data processing and human intervention

To facilitate the processing of our data, it is possible that your information is managed in a computerized way. However, no decision concerning you will be made without human intervention.

VI. Data retention period

Each personal information about you is kept for a maximum of 2 years after transmission.

VII. Sharing your data abroad

As Agathé Tyché is a Franco-German recruitment firm, the data collected is likely, depending on the needs of our activities, to be shared with third parties in France, Germany and in any other country where our clients are based.

VIII. Your rights on the data collected

You can assert different rights concerning the personal data collected on our online spaces:
• Right to access and obtain a copy of your personal data
You have access, on the platform, to the personal information that you have transmitted to us. If necessary, we can send you all the personal data about you that has been collected, and this on request from you.
• Right of rectification
If it turns out that information collected about you is incorrect, you may request that it be updated and replaced with the corrected information you provide to us. The information directly modifiable on the platform will have to be modified by you; we may change other information upon request.
• Right to forget and delete data
In the circumstances provided for by applicable law, you are entitled to request the deletion or restricted use of your personal data.
• Right of opposition
Provided that the processing of your personal information by the Company is based on the legitimate interest of the Company (and on no other basis) or concerns direct marketing transactions, you are entitled to oppose the processing of your data by the Company. depending on your specific situation.
To claim all these rights, please email us at detailing the right you use and the personal information involved.

IX. Security of data processing and storage

Your login credentials to the platform are confidential and you are responsible for their protection. These identifiers are reserved for your personal use and you are not authorized to disclose them to third parties.
Agathé Tyché strives to put in place the necessary solutions to protect your personal data, in accordance with the legislation in force.

X. Notification of changes to this Policy

In the event of a change to our Privacy Policy, you will be notified by e-mail about the address you provided us. By using our services, you agree to regularly check this email address and make sure you read the emails sent by Agathé Tyché.
You also agree to periodically review the page containing the Privacy Policy. By consulting our online spaces, you automatically acknowledge that you agree to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time of the consultation.

For any request regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact us at:


Entry into force: September 2018