Intercultural training

Training modules

Awareness of the importance of the cultural differences

  • How to become aware of the psychological mechanisms that influence our perception and behavior
  • How to cope with stereotypes & prejudices
  • How to create a mutual trustful relationship

Comprehension of the french and german cultures special features

  • How to improve one’s economical, legal, political and geographical knowledge for a better understanding of the French and German context
  • How to get familiar with the organization and the functioning of the French and German companies

Key points of an adapted behavior towards your french / german business partner

  • Know all about the French and German hierarchical organization
  • Know how to prepare and to run a successful meeting and how to make a decision together
  • How to anticipate and avoid misunderstandings during common project
  • Communicate efficiently
  • Succeeding your negotiation and know how to manage conflicts

Specific modules by profession

  • How to manage HR
  • Know the differences in terms of labour laws
  • How to embrace the cultural differences before, during and after a merger / acquisition
  • How to prepare for a business partnership / cooperation with a French / German company

Types of intervention

We provide you with services such as conferences or intra-company training which can last from half a day to several days, depending on your need.


  • We first analyze your needs in order to adapt the training content to the distinctive features of your company.
  • AGATHÉ TYCHÉ FORMATION combines professional know-how and scientific research: our approach is a pragmatic one but also takes into account the results of intercultural researches
  • Our training sessions are interactive thanks to practical tools such as brainstorming, case study or assessment.